The Prompt

The Prompt is an AI-enhanced film directed and produced by Atypical that explores the fusion of generative technology and spoken poetry to weave a compelling visual narrative.






At the heart of this innovative project is multi-Grammy award winner J. Ivy, whose mastery of verse breathes life and depth onto a digital canvas at the intersection of art, technology, and the human experience.

The Prompt' began with J. Ivy's captivating live-action performance, filmed in a single continuous shot on the streets of Chicago, capturing the raw energy of his hometown. The footage was then segmented into storyboarded sequences, each reflecting the poem's thematic elements. Atypical's creative team employed Runway ML, Kaiber and multiple sub-tools to achieve video-to-video visual transformations across these sequences that aligned with both the original footage and the creative vision.

Runway's additional suite of editing tools, such as in-painting and green screen, were crucial for blending AI visuals with raw footage. ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion supported video generation by producing assets used for prompting.

The intro 3D sequence was modeled with Luma AI, the face change effect was rendered with DeepSwap, and the CG robot character was generated using Wonder Dynamics.

The sequences were assembled on Adobe Premiere Pro, and the full render was polished, color corrected, and further enhanced using Topaz Labs, Red Giant, and After Effects.