For SurePayroll, Atypical was able to provide a unique approach that brought speed, agility and executive level understanding to ensure their needs would be met in the most flexible way possible.








SurePayroll, a Paychex company, contacted Atypical for two critical needs. One, a fresh brand identity and two, to design and build a modern, high-performative website. One of Atypical’s core philosophy’s directly spoke to SurePayroll leadership and was the grounding for the engagement:  

In the experience era, the most effective way to maximize customer lifetime value to the business, is to maximize the brand’s value to a customer’s lifetime.

At the end of this project, both needs were addressed and SurePayroll was able to launch a fresh look and feel for their brand and bring to market a website that was 7x faster, 10x easier to manage and much higher performing.

Atypical came to the challenge as “naïve experts” willing to dive into the history and problems, but approach solutions with a fresh set of eyes. They brought their RADDD framework to approach the problem and deliver solutions while ensuring to adhere to SurePayroll and their customers’ needs:

  • REFRAME the experience goals
  • ANALYZE to identify moments that matter
  • DISTILL to prioritize and focus
  • DESIGN to define and validate
  • DELIVER to bring concepts to reality

This led to the following milestones and deliverables being established to solve the core problems that SurePayroll needed to address.

  1. Kick-off, Discovery, Requirements Gathering
  2. Brand Redesign
  3. User Experience / Visual Design
  4. Operational Alignment
  5. Develop / Iterate
  6. Launch / Handoff

Core teams were established for each of these efforts that included both the SurePayroll and Atypical team members to ensure the two core problems were addressed with full historical context, and fresh ideas could be surfaced and developed to solve the pain-points.

After launching both the new brand and digital experience, the results were fantastic. The team could publish new content or updates on the same day without waiting for developer time via their long backlog. New sales leads were coming in at a higher rate from the outset. However, the most noticeable difference was just how fast the site loaded and performed across desktop and mobile experiences.

Atypical deeply understands the intersection between the customer, the brand, and financial business results. As a partner they go above and beyond to ensure the quality and velocity of delivery and that impact is measurable.
~ Kate Boatman, VP SurePayroll

Time to Publish

Weeks → Hours

Page Speed Performance*

9.8s → 1.1s

Accessibility Score*

78 → 90

Launching a new brand and digital experience is never an easy task, but when the results are in, it is worth the effort, especially when it has become so much easier for SurePayroll customers to learn, compare and sign-up for a new payroll provider.

*Google Lighthouse Report