Maximize your brand's value to your customers lifetime.

At Atypical, we create experiences that maximize your brand's value to your customer's life. Our unique approach to experience design, which we call stakeholder-centered design, was created to drive truly significant impact by meeting the needs of a vast web of stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, communities, the environment, and, of course, shareholders.

We work with you to design and build products, services, and experiences your customers will love, your employees will be proud of, and your board will be thrilled with.

Our Service is Solutions.

We weave unique pathways to sustainable progress by redefining sectors and crafting new businesses, products, services, and brands.

Thriving in today’s landscape requires translating companies' visions into comprehensive systems, not short-term fixes.

We call our first of its kind approach, Experience Fabric.


For over a decade we have been privileged to work alongside hundreds of senior leaders we admire to help build world-class experiences, innovate technology, and create sustainable results.